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Maharaja Agrasen P.G. College
Nagar, Bharatpur
+91 9116165715

Message of Principal

"Our Motive of Education Is Specific, Pointed & Concrete"
The aim to liberate oneself from orthodoxy, obscurity of vision, wilderness of thought, rigidity of mind and negative cerebral tendencies and to abandon living a fragmentary life.
We earnestly desire to instill right values, ideas, experience and emotions of human life for a purposeful and meaningful living. It is an attempt to device a new world and a mode of existence through education.
The attempt is to broaden the mental horizon extend on self intellectually and creativity, so that each learner is prepared to confront the fast paced world. The institution is dedicated with high seriousness in an effort to reduce complexities of education to simplicity. The method of teaching is innovative there is clearly in teaching of arts, commerce and science. The Maharaja Agrasen P.G. College has got competent teaching faculties and devoted staff dedicated to the development of the students. The Maharaja Agrasen P.G. College Nagar has a modern infrastructure shaped around a strong academic cultural tradition interwoven with the rich fabric of what is good in the east and west.

Dr. B.L. Upadhyay

Phone : 9829847465